Downloading invoice on Refrens is easy and simple. You can download invoices in 2 different ways with 2 different formats.

1. Download as CSV 

To download  CSV, click on "Download as CSV" option from invoice dashboard. 

This is the best option if you want the summary of all your invoices in one file. CSV format includes Invoice No., Date, Due Date, Billed To, Currency, Billed Amount, Amount Paid, TDS, Amount Due, Conversion Rate.

2. Download All Invoices

To download all invoices, click on "Download All Invoices" from invoice dashboard. As shown in the image below.

By clicking on download all invoices, a downloadable link will be sent to your registered Email-ID.  Click on that link to download the Zip Format of your invoices. If you Extract the Zip format, you can see all your invoices in PDF Format.

Note: The link sent to your email-id will be valid for an hour only.