Refrens is best for those who want to manage their invoices and expenses in one place especially for small businesses, freelancers, agencies, lawyer and CA, etc.

Features provided by Refrens for their fellow users:

1. Create Unlimited Free Invoices, Proforma Invoices, and Quotations

User-Friendly platform to create GST, Non-GST & International Invoices. Add your signature, logo, shipping details, etc. to look professional. There are features to add your bank and UPI details in the invoice itself. Share your invoice via email, Wapp, or the link directly from Refrens. Get a real-time email alert with 24*7 customer support.

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2. Use Refrens as a single platform to manage and see the status of your invoices and Expenditure

See the current status of all invoices such as paid, unpaid, partially paid, and get alerts on your mail for a due date, overdue date, etc. Use features like mark payment after you are paid (ie. cash, NEFT, Online Banking, etc.) to record payments. Also, save time by creating recurring invoices. You can also use the system to record expenditures and keep your vendors informed about payment dates.

3. Use our payment Gateway to receive International Payments

Refrens has the most competitive rates when it comes to accepting international payments in India. We charge anywhere between 1.8% to 4% (depending on the payment mode selected) including Taxes.

Click Here to Visit:   International Pricing Page

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4. Add your clients to your portfolio

It helps you showcase a strong profile to your potential new clients. Create your business profile on Refrens Update your services and portfolio to get exposure from our platform to get new leads. You can also share your Refrens profile on social media to get more leads and increase your business.