Before uploading the bulk invoices, some fields are compulsory to add to perform the bulk upload.

After downloading the sample sheet, you can see multiple columns when you open the CSV. Here, some columns are necessary to fill. 

1. clientName - The name of your client.

2. invoiceNumber -  Your invoice number.

3. invoiceDate (must be in a format of dd-mm-yyyy, for example 23-01-2022)

4. lineItem - The product or service your are selling.

5. amount - Price of the product or service.

6. currency - When adding currency, add as INR, USD, EUR, GBP etc. You can get all the currency code here.

7. quantity      

8. country - When adding country, add as IN, US, AU, SA. If you add India, United States, Australia, etc., it will give you an error. So please add the country code. To get all the country codes please click here.


Here is the sample sheet you can use to upload bulk invoices.

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