You must complete the KYC process to accept domestic or international payments directly from your invoices. 

To initiate the KYC verification process, log in to your Refrens account and navigate to your Business Settings > Accounting & inventory > KYC details from the left-hand Sidebar panel. 

From the following page, you can upload all the required documents. 

Start by choosing whether you're applying as an Individual/Freelancer or a Business. Next, Click on Add KYC details to start the KYC process.

KYC for Individuals

The KYC process for Individuals/freelancers is pretty straightforward. There are two kinds of documents required: 

Proof TypeNationalityDocument
Address ProofIndianAadhar Card
Identity ProofIndianPAN Card
Address ProofInternational (non-India)Recent Bank Statement / Utility Bill
Identity ProofInternational (non-India)Passport

Uploading KYC documents

Click "Add KYC Details" on the top right to upload a KYC document. It will open a form that helps you fill and upload the relevant documents. 

Follow the steps mentioned above and hit Done. To upload another document, you can repeat the process. For example, once you've uploaded your Aadhar Card with an Aadhar number (Document Number), you can repeat the process to upload your PAN card. 

Note: You will need to upload the front and back for the Aadhar Card. You can click on the Upload Button "+" after uploading the front to upload the rear. 

Reviewing your KYC uploads

Once you're done uploading the documents, you will see all the uploaded documents in a table like below. 

Once your documents are uploaded, our Representative will get in touch with you to share updates on the approval status. If needed, you can always edit and re-upload the documents from the status table above. 

The KYC approval process takes a maximum of 4 working hours from the time you have uploaded all the documents. Once approved, you can start accepting international payments in a hassle-free way.

KYC for Proprietor business

If you're the sole Proprietor of your business, you will need four key documents to complete your KYC process. 

Proof TypeDocument
Business RegistrationCertificate of Incorporation OR GST Certificate
IdentityAadhar Card
IdentityPAN Card
Address ProofLatest Utility Bill OR Rent Agreement

Note: The Utility Bill or the Rent Agreement must be less than two months old.

The process for uploading the documents is the same as before. Click "Add KYC Details" to start uploading your documents. 

If you are representing an LLP, Partnership or a Privately Incorporated firm, please get in touch with us on