Refrens' Lead collection forms help you automate lead capture from your website, social media, and any other platforms. Also, With our customization options, you can ensure that you are collecting all the data you need, while also keeping it clean and organized. 

Let's see how you can quickly create forms on Refrens.

1. Go to sidebar > Lead Management > Forms

2. Click on "Create Form"

3. Selecting a Pipeline

Now, the first step is to select a pipeline. If you have multiple products or services and you are managing them across different pipelines, you need to select a pipeline where your leads will be stored. 

For example, an agency might have multiple service offerings like digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, etc. for each of these services they might have a different sales process, and thus, have different sales pipelines to manage leads for different services.

I want the leads captured on these forms to go to my pipeline for digital marketing leads, so I would select that and click save & continue.

4. Selecting & Adding Fields

The second step is to select & add fields for the information you want to collect from your leads. 

By default, you will see some suggested fields that you can add to your forms. You can add/remove them by turning the toggle on/off if you want. You can also change the order of the field by using the drag & drop handle as shown in the image above.

5. Field Customization Settings

Click on the settings icon to access field customization settings like changing the field name, adding additional info like help text or placeholder text, making the field mandatory, hiding the field from users, etc.


As you see above, adding help text and placeholder text helps you guide your users to enter the correct data. here's how it will look in your form:

6. Hidden Fields

By marking something as a hidden field, you can add a field in your form that can be hidden from your leads but visible to you. let's see a practical example. 

Suppose you have a website for your co-working space where you have listed different offerings like - flexible desks, cabins, meeting rooms, etc.  Now when a lead fills up a form on your website, you won't know which product or services a lead is interested in. Hidden fields can come to your rescue here. 

In your lead capture forms, you can add hidden fields titled flexible desks, cabins, meeting rooms, etc. according to your offerings. These fields will only be visible to you but not to your users. So, when the forms are submitted, you will know which offering your lead is interested in without even asking them!

You can customize fields to add different formats like radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, currency, etc. from the field type dropdown menu.

7.  Form Configuration

The third step is form configuration. In this section, you can add the form title, internal form name, add a thank you message, select a theme, etc. as shown below.

8. Once you are done, click on the "Publish Form" button in the top right corner to publish the form and start using it to collect leads automatically!

If you want to know how to publish/embed the form on your website, check out this article.