With GSTR-1 reports on Refrens, your compliance and reporting is more seamless than before. 

You can now download our automatically generated GSTR-1 reports directly from your Refrens dashboard. 

GSTR-1 is the monthly or quarterly return to be filed by regular dealers, the due date of which is the 10th of the subsequent month. This mandatory tax document contains details of all outward supplies i.e. sales transactions of a registered person for a specific period.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Simplified Tax Filing: Now you can prepare and manage your GSTR-1 reports in a much easier and more organized manner. Our new feature eliminates the need for manual intervention, making the process seamless and error-free.
  2. Time-Saving: By automating the process of generating GSTR-1 reports, we help save your valuable time that you can invest in other aspects of your business.
  3. Compliance: Our GSTR-1 report feature will help you maintain compliance with the GST laws by ensuring you're keeping up-to-date records of your outward supplies. 

How to access GSTR-1 Reports on Refrens.com?

You can access your GSTR-1 Reports from your Accounting Reports section in the Sidebar. 

The Summary report is automatically generated and updated as you create your invoices. Select your reporting period from either the Previous Month or the Previous Quarter and download your GSTR-1 Excel easily. 

Once you've downloaded your Excel - you can easily copy and paste the relevant data into the GST Offline Utility Tool to file your GSTR-1 returns. 

In order to re-categorise your invoice into a separate GSTR-1 category,

Re-categorise your Invoices

Sometimes, you may want to re-categorise your invoices to a different GSTR-1. Follow the below mentioned steps to easily change the GSTR-1 category. 

  1. Go to your Invoice Review Page
  2. Click on Invoice Summary
  3. Change the GSTR-1 category. 

Note that any invoices that have been manually categorised will not be auto-categorised in the future. For e.g. If for an invoice that has been automatically categorised as 4A: B2B is changed to Exports, it will not be automatically categorised further upon editing. 


  1. Data for Amendments is currently not available in GSTR-1 reports generated on Refrens. They will soon be updated.
  2.  Invoices with E-commerce operators and reverse charge is not currently supported. To file these invoices correctly - change the categorisation from the invoices or add E-COmmerce GSTN directly into the Excel.