With Refrens, creating e-invoices is as easy as it can get. Just watch the quick demo video or read the simple steps below to quickly get started with generating IRN (e-invoice) on Refrens.

  1. Firstly, you will need to create an Invoice with the following details:

    Note that these are mandatory fields that you have to show in your invoice, otherwise you will get an error message while generating IRN.

  2. On the Invoice Preview page, under the "Invoice summary" section, please click on the option "GENERATE IRN" as illustrated in the screenshot below.

  3. Add your GSTIN, GSP(by Clayfin/Vay Network) User Name, and Password, and Click on "SAVE"

    You will first have to create your GSP (by Clayfin/Vay Network) User name and Password on the e-invoice portal. Click Here to know how to do that.

    ⚠️Note: While entering the GSP username, use the format "API_username". For example, if your username is "Testuser", enter "API_Testuser"

  4. Then Check the Invoice details and Click on "GENERATE IRN"

  5. IRN number and QR code will be generated and will be added to the invoice and the same will also be added to the GST E-Invoice Portal which can be viewed by logging into the GST Portal

Bulk E-Invoice Generation:

Refrens enables you to generate IRN for up to 50 invoices at once! 

Just go to the invoice dashboard and select the invoices for which you want to generate IRN. Then under the "Bulk Actions" option, click "Generate Bulk IRN". 

That's it! This will significantly accelerate your e-invoicing process, especially during those busy end-of-month billing periods, ensuring your financial workflows remain smooth and swift. 


If you are raising export invoices with tax payments - the recipient GSTIN has to be URP, the state code has to be 96, the PIN code should be 999999, and the POS should be 96.

In case you have any queries, please do leave us a message on our Chat Support window OR contact us at care@refrens.com. 

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