Reminding your clients to pay their unpaid invoices is a huge pain. You have to keep sending them reminders every now and then to collect your dues. Doing this manually can take up a lot of your productive time.  Refrens helps you automate this.

You can send these reminders over Whatsapp or Email. Let’s see how.

Go to your invoice dashboard > Go to the invoice you want to send reminders for > Click on more

You will see a new menu where you can either select “Send reminders by Email” or “Send reminders by Whatsapp”

Alternatively, you can also access this feature while creating an Invoice. On the invoice preview page, you can select the options like “Whatsapp Invoice” or “Email Invoice” to schedule reminders.

When you click on “Email Invoice” or “Send Reminders by Email” a new form will open up.

Once you have added all the details, click on “Send Reminders Automatically”

Here you can control when you want to start sending the reminders, how frequently you want to send them, and when you want to stop sending them. 

If you want to send reminders via Whatsapp as well, you can check that box also. You will be asked to add your client’s WhatsApp number, and the WhatsApp number to which you want to get replies.

You can also see all your scheduled Whatsapp and email messages and their status by clicking on “See Schedule”

Similarly, you can also set-up automated follow-up reminders for quotations as well! Check out this article for details >